PennyWise Cycle Tours was created to provide a tandem dedicated, relaxed and affordable way to experience Europe.


    • We love touring by tandem.  We have been riding and touring using tandem bikes for over 27 years with many different tour providers.  When we first toured with PennyWise Cycle Tours, we quickly realized it was a wonderful and unique model for active vacations.  When the originators of the PennyWise model decided to retire we took on the mission.  We like getting the chance to pass it forward.

What makes PennyWise different than the others?

    • It is all about our friends who accompany us on a tour.   “Clientele” is not a term we use for our tour companions.  Many of our fellow travelers have been riding with PennyWise for many consecutive years and never miss a trip.  PennyWise Cycle Tours is more their “creation”, than ours.
    • We will maintain affordability and value.   You can count on touring with PennyWise, for two full weeks, at a fraction of the cost most other tour providers charge for 4 to 7 nights!   You will still get comfortable and convenient hotels, full cue and gps routing, luggage transfers, professional tour guides, all breakfasts, some other meals and much more.
    • You will be able to personalize your PennyWise tour.  Take a non-transfer day off and do your own thing. Why not?  We stay in the majority of hotels for a minimum of two nights.  Splurge on Michelin rated meals on one day, or hit the village market and create your own alfresco feast.  It is your choice.  We keep programmed group meals to the opening and ending nights and for other days when we think you might need a little pampering and rest.  
    • We do our best to listen to you.   Our veterans have asked us to keep the lugging of bike cases and suitcases to a minimum both pre and post tour.  Tandem cases and luggage sufficient for two weeks of traveling can be quite a load to transfer by cab, rental car, train or regional airline.  We eliminate this hassle by transferring you, your bike cases and your luggage from a convenient European embarkation city to and from our initial and final tour hotels.

What won’t you find on a PW tour?

    • You won’t find a crowded, smothering and ultimately isolating European tour experience.   We give you the necessary framework for a tour and let you make of it what you will.
    • We only take tandems, no single bikes.   
    • We keep our tours small.  The maximum size of our tour is 20 couples on their tandem bikes.
    • We won’t program you to tears.   At times we give you a brief, locally lead, professional tour of an especially unique village, sight or business.  Most times you are free to explore on your own. It’s what we have found provides the most exciting, fun and rewarding experiences. We give you the framework so that you, your travel companions and the new friends you make on the tour can discover the rich history, delicious food and wonderful biking that Europe has in abundance!

We have found that this approach seems to work for both the first-time and the more experienced European cycling tourist.

You’ll come home after touring the PennyWise way and realize that nothing else compares!

Join us this year.  Become a “PennyWiser” and see for yourself what we mean.  We are sure you’ll be converted!

Karen Kovacic and Steve Rabe