Important Note – Please be aware, that with the dozens of hotel options in Bologna, we must limit our pick up locations.  On the first day of each tour, our luxury motorcoach will only stop at the following locations: 1) Aemilia Hotel and 2) Bologna Centrale Train Station.  If you don’t choose this hotel for your Pre-Tour stay in Bologna, please choose a hotel by its proximity or ease of access, (taxi, walking distance), to one of these pickup locations.

Tour Cost

The tour cost for the 2017 – Italian Lakes Tour is $3,490 per person.

Tour prices are quoted in US Dollars and are guaranteed not to increase, regardless of the Euro’s fluctuations.

Tour cost is per person, double occupancy.


A deposit of $1,000 per couple is due when your reservation is confirmed.  We will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible after you submit your registration form.  Do Not Send Your Deposit Until You Have Received Your Confirmation Email.

The balance of $5,980 per couple is due 4 months before the tour start dates.  The Tour 1 balance payment is due May 17, 2017.  The Tour 2 balance payment is due June 1, 2017.

Payment Method

To keep prices low, we do not accept credit cards, so mail us a check.

Please make your payment to: PennyWise Cycle Tours.

The mailing address is:

PennyWise Cycle Tours

17 Granite Rd.

Wilmington, DE 19803


If you cancel on or before the 4 month balance due payment date(s), Tour 1 – May 17, 2017 / Tour 2 – June 1, 2017, we will refund your deposit and any/all other payments we have received from you for the 2017 Tour.

For cancellations 91-119 days before your respective tour start date, (before June 17, 2017 / July 1, 2017), you will receive a refund of 75% of the tour cost per couple.

For cancellations 61-90 days before your respective tour start date, (before July 17, 2017 / August 1, 2017), you will receive a refund of 50% of the tour cost per couple.

For cancellations within 60 days of the your respective tour start date, (on or after July 17, 2017 / August 1, 2017), you will receive a refund of 15% of the tour cost per couple.

There are no refunds after your respective tour start date.

Trip Medical / Cancellation Insurance

We strongly suggest trip insurance, available from your travel agent, various online sites or from the site link we provide below.  The link we give below will provide almost instant quotes, with many options, from numerous providers.

Click Here for Travel / Cancellation Insurance Quotes

Traveler Substitutions

Traveler substitutions in lieu of cancellation are accepted solely at our discretion.  Traveler substitutions must be submitted to us a minimum of 45 days before the tour start date. Substitutions will not be allowed after the 30 day deadline.  To be considered, candidates must be experienced tandem bicycle riders, must have participated in a previous tour (any company) or organized rally / multi-day guided event, must bring a tandem bike and be capable and willing to participate in rides.

Luggage, Luggage Transport and Van Support

The cost to have one suitcase per participant delivered to your room is included in your tour price.  Additional luggage cases, backpacks, computer bags, panniers, etc., will be kept in the baggage van for your retrieval at the completion of your transfer day ride.  On transfer day mornings, participants are required to bring luggage to the baggage van before the Daily Morning Meeting.

Please note that an on-road support vehicle is not provided.  The van we rent is for baggage sag only.  The baggage van is intended solely for luggage transfer and generally will not follow the route of the tour, nor provide non-emergency on-road assistance.  You and your partner must ride or otherwise transport yourselves to the next hotel on transfer days.  Repairs to your bicycle are your responsibility.  Make sure you carry the clothing, tools, and parts you will need for the day’s ride.

Tandem Cycle and Participants Conditioning Requirements

No Single Bikes!  All participants must use a tandem cycle whether that is in a standard, recumbent, or trike configuration.  Your team is solely responsible for transport to and from our designated tour pickup/dropoff sites, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and repair of your cycle.

We highly recommend that you have your bicycle serviced and in tip-top shape before the tour.  If you heed this advice, your worries should be minimal.  You must have the capability, tools and spare parts to fix minor problems yourself or expect to utilize a local bike repair shop.  We have found that if you do have a minor problem with your bicycle, and you seek assistance with your attempt at self-guided repair, that the level of expertise and/or occasional small part proffered by your co-riders is truly awe inspiring.

Participants are expected to be in adequate physical condition to do the daily ride distances.  A standard, bicycle tour oriented, Release of Liability form is required to be signed by both team members before participation in any tour activity.


We consider helmets to be an absolute necessity and all our riders are required to wear one.


All international programs require a valid passport. All passports must contain at least five blank pages and must be valid for six months after the completion of your trip. All information on your passport including full name, passport number, country of passport origination, and expiration date are needed at the same time that the balance is paid. If your destination requires a visa for U.S. citizens, you are responsible for obtaining a visa prior to departure. Non-U.S. citizens should contact the appropriate consular office for any requirements pertaining to their trip; PW is not responsible in any way for your failure to do so.

Tour Changes and Cancellations

We reserve the right to change the tour itinerary for any reason.   Participants will be notified of any substantial modification.

We reserve the right to cancel a tour with a full refund.   Should cancellation be necessary, PennyWise Cycle Tours cannot and will not be responsible for any other expenses incurred by you.   In more than 18 years of operation, PennyWise has never cancelled a tour.

Again, we strongly recommend trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Please continue by reading about what is, and is not included in your tour purchase.