Lombardy and the Italian Lakes region have sometimes been characterized as the “Jewel in Italy’s Crown”.  The “Madonna blue waters”, (according to Winston Churchill), reflect and concentrate the sunlight and and warm the banks to Riviera temperatures, giving the region a unique notoriety throughout the world.  Lucky visitors have come to enjoy the Italian Lakes scenic, cultural and agricultural bounty for century upon century.  If you join us on this tour, you will experience for yourself the inherent natural beauty and the historical treasures that abound throughout this shangri la-like region.

Let us give you a brief overview:

We start in Mantova, La Bella Addormentata, (trans: the Sleeping Beauty).  It is UNESCO recognized because it is a Renaissance treasure of gardens, galleries, chapels and courtyards.

Peschiera del Garda and Lake Garda provide our first adventure among the lakes.  This largest of the lakes has crystal blue waters which contrast dramatically with the towering backdrop of the Dolomites lining its northern shore.  Like all the lakes, the local climate is moderated, allowing the vineyards and olive groves to thrive in this most un-Mediterranean-like setting.

Brescia is the dreamstimesmall_32251544unappraised jewel in the crown.  Little visited by the average tourist, we couldn’t allow you to miss it.  From Roman colony to Lombard duchy, from medieval commune to mighty Venetian city, all its conquerors’ traces are on full display.  Two thousand years of history are arrayed for your pleasure on one lone hill.

We enjoy Bergamo, a city with a decidedly split personality.  The Citta Bassa or lower town is a vibrant, modern city full of shops, restaurants and bars.  The Citta Alta shelters perhaps the most beautiful square in Italy, the Piazza Vecchia.  You will agree, that the skyline of towers, domes and ancient buildings, is a true feast for the eyes.

Our stay on Lake Como presents us with three delightful facets 10-20160414_080147of this sapphire blue jewel.  Our stops along the lake include: Lecco, a picturesque masterpiece; Bellagio, “the pearl” and finally, promenade lined Como.  Not only are these wonderful destinations on our journey but, the rides we enjoy around and between them are truly eye-googleing beautiful!

With a tour that includes all this, plus medieval Bologna and its arcaded university, and enchanting visits to Sabbioneta and Sirmione, and castles and towers, and battles and history, and franciacorta spumante and bresciano rosso, and Italian risotto and butter and pumpkin filled pasta and lake fish and……                  

Have we waxed too fervently about the rare delights provided to our fellow travelers on this tour?  Maybe, maybe not.  Why don’t you click on the button below to read more regarding the daily rides and hotels on the tour?  We hope to convince you that this is one tour you don’t want to miss! 

Are you intrigued by our Italian Lakes Tour?

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